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AFSA Extra Credit Podcast

Jun 8, 2023

In this episode of the podcast, Philip Bohi, VP of Compliance Education talks with Dr. Adam Gailey, Principal in the Financial Economics Practice at Charles Rivers Associates, on getting your Fair Lending house in order and looking carefully at questions surrounding things you can control like underwriting, buy rate setting and servicing.

State and federal regulators are examining underwriting practices, rate-setting and servicing more than ever before.

Dr. Gailey has worked on numerous DOJ and CFPB investigations, class-action lawsuits, and regulatory compliance cases, that typically involve providing statistical and economic analyses of large amounts of data focusing on issues related to the use of overdraft protection, indirect auto finance, redlining, and fair lending.

A second episode, coming next week, will delve into what you can’t control and what to expect next.